The mission of Touching Little Lives is to make and distribute free of charge handmade items to preemie and needy newborns in Ohio.


According to the March of Dimes, in Ohio the preterm birthrate was 12% of all babies born which is graded as a "C" when compared to other US states. This translates to 1 in every 8 babies (15,000) born early each year in Ohio. Ohio ranks 35th among states in the % of babies born with low birth weight. These tiny infants are often admitted to our local Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). Their extremely small size makes it difficult to find clothing that fits, and when it can be found, is often beyond the affordable range of many families. Every item which we provide is completely free of charge and no one in our organization receives any salary or compensation for their work. Every penny donated is spent on providing for these little lives. This is truly a charity of the heart, our reward being the personal satisfaction of helping those too young and fragile to help themselves.


Cold facts and hard figures. To bring it closer to home, according to Children's Defense Fund, in Ohio a child is born into poverty every 18 minutes. In 1980, 18% of all Ohio births were to unmarried parents. In 2012, this has increased to 43.7%. It's a simple fact that many of Ohio's newborns lack the basic necessities to assist them in developing and sustaining good health. A warm blanket and clothing are vital to a newborn to retain body heat. These simple items can make the difference in a newborn infants ability to ward off illness which could perhaps prevent a high cost hospital stay.


Unfortunately there is one additional need that we sadly meet within our communities. According to the Ohio Department of Health, the child mortality rate in Ohio has increased from 7.7 deaths per live births in 2010 to 7.9 in 2011. Ohio is ranked 38th among states in infant mortality. Imagine, if you will, a young couple eagerly awaiting the birth of their new child. Instead of being able to rejoice at this new life, the sad reality is that this family must now provide for a single outfit in which to lay their precious child to rest. Many of these children arrive into this world prematurely, weighing less than one pound. At this difficult time, when a family member should be happily shopping at toy stores for rattles or toys for their child, they are instead there looking for doll clothing small enough to fit. Our volunteers respond during this time of grieving by providing burial layettes to these families for their child, a tear sewn into every stitch. A tear of sorrow for the child, a tear of love and compassion for the family.


Our mission is to 'touch the little lives' of needy premature and newborn infants in Ohio, to do all that we can to give them, free of any charge, the necessities that every newborn needs. Our volunteers hand make quilts, blankets, caps, booties, gowns, undershirts, afghans, bibs, sleepers, and other articles. If you would be interested in becoming a part of Touching Little Lives, or would like further information about what you can do, visit our "How You Can Help" page on this web site or contact us at info@touchinglittlelives.org.

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