Q: Do you provide services for babies/hospitals outside of Ohio?

A: No. We are a registered charity in the state of Ohio and can only provide services to babies/families living in Ohio.

Q: I live outside of Ohio. Can I still donate money or finished items to Touching Little Lives?

A: Yes. We welcome donations from anywhere. You can mail your donation to our corporate address found on our "Contact Us" page.

Q: Can I receive a tax receipt for items I make and donate to Touching Little Lives?

A: Yes, in addition to providing receipts for monetary donations, we can provide tax receipts for donated items. Just give us an itemized list of your donated items and we will provide you a tax receipt.

Q: I'd like to help raise money for Touching Little Lives at my church or community group so that we can buy supplies to make things? How do I go about doing this?

A: We are more than willing to work with any group in fundraising efforts for TLL. Please contact us before you do any fundraising so that we can ensure that the rules we must follow regarding fundraising are done properly. Any monies raised must be turned into an authorized representative of TLL and deposited into our bank account. Funds can then be used to buy supplies for your group.

Q: How much of money donated to Touching Little Lives actually goes to the providing things for the babies?

A: Approximately 85% of the money donated to TLL goes towards buying supplies such as fabric and yarn to make things for the babies. The other 15% goes towards other necessary costs such as postage, printing, maintaining equipment, and miscellaneous fees. No one in our organization receives any compensation for what they do and we strive to make every dollar count.


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