Materials: For the quilt top, use cotton or cotton blends. For the quilt back, use cotton, cotton blends or muslin.

Machine: Use sewing machine

Size: We prefer that quilts be approximately 36" x 45" since this will fit on an isolette nicely. 36" x 36" quilts work well also. These are approximate sizes. Quilts that are slightly smaller larger are fine.

Although finished quilts are appreciated, we also accept quilt tops which can be finished by other volunteers. If possible, please iron the top and add TLL's quilt tag toto the front of your quilt top before turning it in.

Quilts can be made in squares, strips, a single piece of piece of fabric, or pieced together however you choose. You can use fabric of any color or print. When using "darker" fabric, we suggest you match it up with "lighter" colors so that the quilt will be "baby friendly". Quilts can have a binding or be topstitched around the edges.

Use safety pins rather than straight pins when sewing quilts as they are more secure and visible and less likely to be inadvertently left in the quilt. This is a HUGE safety issue as it is very easy for pins to accidentally be left in a completed quilt. We don't want any babies to be stuck by pins inadvertently left inside.

FINISHING: Quilts can be machine quilted or hand tied. When hand tying, use crochet thread spacing the ties no more than 6" apart using a double knot. Trim ties to about 1/2" long. A TLL tag needs to be sewn on the front of the quilt near one of the corners if it wasn't done before the quilt was put together.

Finished quilts need to be washed before being turned in. Use a "color catcher" in the washer if the fabric has colors that are likely to run. Do not use fabric softener in the dryer. After washing and drying, check your quilt for pins, loose threads, open seams, etc. to ensure that the item is ready to be sent to the babies.