Materials: Papooses can be made of worsted weight yarn, baby yarn, sport weight or other "soft" yarns appropriate for babies. (Do not use wool or wool blends.)

Size: We can use both newborn and preemie sizes. A newborn papoose should have a circumference of about 22- 24" and be around 16 - 18" long. A preemie papoose should have a circumference of about 14 - 16" and be around 13-15 inches long. Many newborn patterns can be made into preemie patterns by reducing the number of stitches around and reducing the number of rounds.

Papooses can be knitted or crocheted. You may use papoose patterns you find on the internet, just make sure that the final size matches our guidelines above. Also, make sure that your pattern doesn't use stitches that are too loose or open since this can become a hazard for little fingers and won't keep the babies as warm.

You don't have to use "baby" colors. Darker yarn can be used, but mix it with lighter colors so that it will be appropriate for a baby.

Leave enough yarn at the beginning and end of your work and when changing colors so the yarn can be woven through for 1 1/2" - 2" using a zig zag method which will stay more secure after being laundered.

If you make a matching hat with the papoose, make sure that the hat follows our guidelines for knitted and crocheted hats. Many online patterns make their hats smaller and shorter than what our guidelines dictate.

Finished papooses need to be washed before being turned in. Do not use fabric softener in the dryer when drying them. Check for loose yarn that needs to be woven in.