Materials: Use fleece. Use ribbing for trim around neck.

Machine: Use serger or sewing machine.

Size: We need both newborn sizes.

We have a fleece jacket pattern that we ask you to use. We've gotten input from the facilities we deliver to and the patterns on our web site are the right size/proportion to meet the babies' needs. If you want the pattern, please ask your Work Group Coordinator or email us at to have the pattern sent to you.

We have volunteers who "precut" sleepers and onesies for other people to sew, so we can provide volunteers with ones ready to sew. if you cut your own, fabric should be cut so that the stretch will always go across the body.

Use a 1/4" seam allowance. Use coordinating ribbing at the the neck. If fabric is non-gender, please use non-gender ribbing and snaps so that finished item could be used for either a boy or girl. Example: If fabric is blue don't use pink for ribbing/snaps.

Front opening of clothing items need to be top stitched. When using a serger, don't cut serger tails off without securing them first as this will cause the garment to unravel the first time it is washed.

Items hand made by volunteers MUST be snapped with plastic snaps. When adding snaps, the male/stud should always be on the bottom. When adding snaps, please close all the snaps so that finished items will be ready to be packed for delivery. The snap will make a click sound when being snapped so that you can hear that it is on correctly. If you don't hear this snap, press the snap in the press again. Jackets require about 3-4 snaps. Please place the snaps accordingly so that there will not be gaps in the closure.

Jackets can be turned in without snaps and snapped by other volunteers later, but please wash them first.