Materials: Make stuffed animals from flannel scraps, lightweight fur or other soft fabrics or scraps.

Machine: Use sewing machine

Size: We can use small, medium, or larger size animals.

When sewing 2 piece animals, put your fabric right sides together, trace animal using a washable marker, sew on line, trim around the seam, and then clip the corners. Make sure to leave a large enough opening to be able to stuff the animal.

Use new fiberfill or batting scraps to stuff the animals. Don't use scraps of fabric, yarn, etc to stuff the animals, as this may be a choking hazard if the animal comes open. Use a chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil to stuff animals so that the smaller portions get stuffed properly.

Don't use straight pins to hold the seam when sewing them shut. Pins may inadvertently be left on or sewn inside the animal. Use small stitches and make sure to secure your threads well so that the animals won't come open.

You may embroider faces on the animals if you want, but don't draw faces using pens or paint. Don't sew buttons on the faces as this poses a choking hazard.

Wash finished animals and air dry or pack washed animals in a mesh bag for a few days since the dryer will not always dry them all the way through. Wait a few days before packing them into a plastic bag to prevent moisture inside the bag from making them smell and/or cause mildew.

Separate dark from light colors when washing. This will prevent light fuzz on dark animals and vice versa.